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For Good Sleep Melatonin Gummies

For Good Sleep Melatonin Gummies

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“Gummies for Good Sleep”


Bite & Glow's Melatonin Gummies offer a natural solution to enhance the quality of your sleep, providing a multitude of benefits for a restful night. Melatonin, a key ingredient in these gummies, helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, promoting relaxation and reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. With the convenience of a delicious gummy, achieving a tranquil bedtime routine has never been easier. By incorporating Bite & Glow's Melatonin Gummies into your nightly regimen, you can experience improved sleep patterns, wake up feeling more refreshed, and foster a sense of overall well-being. Indulge in the sweet path to a restful night's sleep and embrace the transformative benefits that come with it.


This product is 100% vegan

Sugar free

100% Sugar free



Sweeteners (maltol syrup, maltitol), water, gelling agent (pectin), concentrate
(from sweet potatoes and carrots), natural flavour, acidity regulators (sodium citrate, citric acid), melatonin, MCT coconut oil, glazing agent (carnauba wax).

Dose per serving

Dose per maximum recommended daily intake ( 1 gummy)

Active ingredients:

Melatonin: 1 mg


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Why Melatonin?

Its Natural:

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the brain in response to darkness, aligning with the body's circadian rhythm. This natural aspect often makes it a preferred choice over synthetic drugs.

Non-Habit Forming:

Melatonin is not addictive and does not usually lead to dependency, which is a significant concern with certain other sleep aids, especially prescription sedatives.